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Hi, I’m Madeline Woods, the founder of Pace Active.

I’m passionate about health, fitness, and helping others to live happier, healthier lives.

Here at Pace, we believe there are 3 pillars to good health and happiness – Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset. Working hard on 1 area without the balance of the others will not lead to sustained, overall success. We believe in the power of small, simple adjustments in each of these 3 areas to start living a happier, healthier life.

There is a ridiculous amount of information available on the internet these days relating to all things health, fitness, nutrition, stress, life, and everything else, and it’s so hard to know where to start, what’s right for you, and who to listen to. We aim to simplify it for you, and to get you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

There are so many people offering quick fixes and I need you to understand that there are no quick fixes. Our philosophy is all about making long term sustainable lifestyle changes. With Pace, there’s no ‘shred’ using crazy restrictive diets or massive amounts of exercise, there’s no meal replacement shakes, liquid diets or strange superfood protocols that’ll cost you a million dollars, there’s just small, easy to make habit changes that will get you to where you want to be, and most importantly to keep you there. We build a program around you, your life, your nonnegotiables, so it’s something you’re actually able to stick with, and to see the results.

Every client is different, and we know there is no one size fits all approach, we work with each of our clients to help them set their own pace, on their own journey to a healthier future. We want to help you MOVE a little more, EAT a little better, and THINK a little differently!


at home exercise program

At Home Exercise Program

If you are looking for a quick and easy workout program that you can follow from home with no equipment required, look no further! Our at-home exercise program consists of 30min no equipment strength and conditioning workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced exerciser, we’ve got options to modify the workout to make it suitable for all fitness levels. We also include stretching and breathing at the end of each video that you can follow to wind down after a workout! Get in touch for access to the content.

one on one coaching

1 : 1 Coaching

Here at Pace Active we offer a personalised 1:1 coaching program for a small number of participants at a time. Your coach will work with you to create a personalised program, 100% tailored to you and the goals you are seeking to achieve, working with you on your nutrition, exercise and mindset. We believe in the power of small habit changes in each of these 3 areas to start living a happier, healthier life! We use a proven method for weight loss and strength gains, so we’ve got you regardless of what your goals are!

The coaching program includes a tailored program, regular check ins, support, accountability buddy, education and resources, a likeminded community, and so much more. To see if you’re eligible for the program, APPLY NOW to get in touch.

online courses

online courses

While working with you in person or online is our preference, we also want to offer some quick and easy online courses, to give you the basics to start to fill your tool belt so you can begin making healthier choices. While there is a lot of information available over the internet these days, a lot of it is conflicting, and it’s hard to know what’s right for you and where to start. Our online courses are designed to give you a simplified version of the main important things, to help you on your journey to a healthier you!



While we know social media is the way to go, and quick-form or entertaining content is probably what you’d prefer, we know there are still some of you who prefer to understand the full story! Our blog posts which we release weekly, are designed to keep you educated and informed about all things health and fitness!



What’s all the fuss about resistance training?

The name resistance training comes from your muscles contracting against some form of external resistance to build strength and power. It’s also referred to as strength training or weight training. This resistance can be your bodyweight, or other physical objects like...


Recovery is an important part of everyone’s health, and it is often the first thing that is de-prioritised for any of us who live quite busy lives. The definition of recovery is a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength; or the action or process of...

NEAT – How much you move really makes a difference

NEAT is the energy our body burns doing everything excluding keeping itself alive, processing the food we consume, and exercising. Your metabolism is always working to expend energy. The energy you expend in a day is called your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE)...

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What are Macros?

Macro’s is a term being thrown around a lot more now than in the past, but it is just relevant to body builders?? Macro’s, or macronutrients, is a term that’s being thrown around a lot more now than it has in the past, but what does it mean? Quite simply,...


Water is literally transporting the good stuff into your cells and around your body, and transporting the bad stuff out of you and keeping your body functioning, so hydration needs to be at or very close to the top of everyone’s health priority list! I feel like we’ve...

The CHEAT meal

The ‘cheat’ meal - we’ve all heard of it, but where did it come from and can we PLEASE stop using this word to describe food!! I personally really dislike the name ‘cheat’ meal. It implies you’re ‘cheating’ on your good healthy nutritious diet with food that’s not so...

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I’m sure everyone’s heard about SMART goals, but I’m here to break down what they really are, why they are important, and how to go about creating them in order to set yourself up for success! Goals are a great way to keep you on track in what you’re trying to achieve...

I don’t have TIME!

The reality is, if the life of someone you loved depended on you doing something for an hour a day, two hours a day, look probably even three hours a day, you bet your bottom dollar that you’d make time for it - someone’s life depends on it! The same goes for...

Discipline vs Motivation

Motivation is extremely helpful to kick off a new habit, and trust me when I say if you have a good enough reason why, you’ll probably be a lot more successful than someone who doesn’t, but it’s not the most important thing… So many people get stuck on the idea of...


I have been training for 8 months with Madeline. It’s been an incredible experience for me as I’ve become fitter in not only my body, but my mind too – it has taught me discipline and consistency and is now a habit I am used to!

The early morning routine is tough, especially because I’m not a morning person, but I did it consistently for 8 months and it has definitely made me a better person! I now have more energy and patience with my son, and am able to be a better Mama because I am strong, fit and healthy!

Thank you Madeline for the guidance and believing in me. You push me to believe I can achieve anything I want in the gym and in life too! When we started working on handstands, I didn’t think I would get to be able to do them by myself, and getting to achieve this was just amazing, I am so proud of myself.

– Ruth

When I first started working with Madeline, I was in a bit of a rut with my health. I was not eating the right foods to fuel my body, was not
motivated to exercise, and was not getting to where I wanted to be.

Finding Madeline was a turning point for me, in just 6 months I turned my life around, I found my love for exercise again, found the willpower to say no to the sugary snacks in my 3pm energy slump, started nourishing my body with the right foods and really feeling like I was moving in the right direction in my life!

One of my goals was to get my body in the healthiest state in preparation for motherhood. I am proud to be holding my baby girl in my arms now after achieving just that!

– Kacie

When I met Madeline I didn’t know about resistance training. I had always been a runner, but after having my 4 children, that’s not what my body was after.

I have learned so much in the time we’ve worked together, from what foods to eat (and be able to feed my family without having to cook multiple meals), to how to lift a barbell and so much in between! Madeline pushed me in every session, but somehow always knew my limits, and had a good grasp on what pace I should be going on any given day.

I feel stronger than ever and so much more confident in my body than I did before I started this journey, and am extremely grateful that I came across Madeline!

– Sara

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